Six EU islands publish Clean Energy Transition Agendas


In the framework of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative of the European Commission, the EU Islands Secretariat launched a call for application, about a year ago, to islands willing to get technical assistance in the development of individual renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Following this, the selected islands have been working on designing strategic roadmaps for the transition process of their community towards clean energy.

In other words, those local communities analysed the current dynamics of their islands with support of the Secretariat. In addition, they identified the perspectives of the different islands’ stakeholders, set up common goals, and developed possible pathways and strategies towards energy transition. In the meantime the Secretariat wrote a guide entitled ‘the Islands Transition Handbook’ to instruct islands on how to develop a Clean Energy Transition Agenda (read more about this in our <previous newsletter).

The results of these processes have then been gathered in comprehensive documents, i.e. clean energy transition agendas, that the first six islands have recently published, making a firm step towards the decarbonisation of their energy systems with a strong focus on citizens’ engagement.

The six pilot islands are the <Aran Islands (Ireland), the <Cres-Losinj archipelago (Croatia), <Culatra (Portugal), <La Palma (Spain), <Salina (Italy), and <Sifnos (Greece) (you can read the two-page visual summaries of their transition agenda by clicking on their name). As you will see, each island has developed a vision specific to its needs and current situation (e.g. switch to 100% electric mobility, renewable energy self-consumption and retrofitting homes), showing that any community can veer to more renewables and low-carbon pathways.

Click here to learn more about their goals and to download the full agendas.

The fourth Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum

Those agendas were released on 22-22 November 2019 in the context of the fourth Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum in Croatia, that Marina Montero and Simon De Clercq attended as Grids & Markets consultants at 3E and part of the technical support of the Secretariat.

Simon De Clercq: “The forum was a good opportunity to bring together a wide range of stakeholders around the topic of clean energy for EU Islands. The sessions during the three-day event included high-level political discussions, technical sessions on clean energy transition, presentations by technology providers as well as networking among the EU Islands community. We look forward to continuing our technical support for the EU islands and further expanding the methodology that we have developed.

The 20 pioneering islands are currently in the process of developing their Transition Agendas and, guided by the work and learnings from the pilot islands, they plan to publish their roadmaps in the coming months.