Solar energy fuelled beer



The German solar market has always been a feeding ground for remarkable and complex solar PV projects. In 2018, S-Tech Energie GmbH commissioned a 420 kWp solar rooftop installation for the Flötzinger Bräu brewery in Rosenheim (Bavaria).

S-Tech Energie GmbH, based in Winhöring, Bavaria designs and constructs photovoltaic systems for both industrial, as well as for entire photovoltaic parks and offers advice to its clients, closely following the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

The brewery took the decision to install the rooftop system with the objective to significantly use the produced energy for self-consumption. Feeding the production unit, as well as the warehouse and the offices, the Flötzinger Bräu brewery is taking big steps to become energy autonomous.


The plant’s performance is monitored through SynaptiQ, enabling a close follow-up of the self-consumption, the import/export of energy and the total consumption. The installation and the monitoring needed to consider a very structural and essential specificity: the PV modules have 14 different module orientations.

Manfred Eglseder, Technical Director of S-Tech-Energie: “I am convinced that with the help of 3E’s professional monitoring solution SynaptiQ, the plant operation can be ensured, self-consumption optimized and the basis for the planning of a storage system can be created”.