Lender’s Technical Advisory- Bid window 3 in South Africa

March 24, 2017


Client:  Networx Energy
Period:  2013


Networx Energy contracted 3E to act as an independent Lenders Technical Advisor in the development of a 75 MW Solar Photovoltaic facility in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The facility was to be debt financed by Nedbank to whom 3E had duty of care. The Project was submitted in window 3 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P)

The Technical Due Diligence evaluated the technical feasibility and compliance of the project to assist the Lender in their consideration in financing the project.

In the Technical Due Diligence, 3E performed an assessment of the following aspects related to the PV plant:

  • Design and Technology Review (including Grid Connection and Site Visit)
  • Forecast Energy Sales Report
  • Permits and Environmental Aspect Review
  • Contracts, Contractors and Financial Technical Assumptions Review