SolarPower Europe and 3E launch the Solar Index Maps



Brussels – 15/03/2018 – 3E and SolarPower Europe launch the Solar Index Map during the SolarPower Summit

SolarPower Europe and 3E have once again joined forces to present the latest developments in solar data and solar maps, focusing this time not only on Europe but also the emerging markets for Solar Power.

The Solar Index map analyzes the variability of the solar resource across Africa and Europe. The tool uses 3E’s Solar Data Services and generates detailed maps showing the percentage difference between the solar resource during the period of interest (e.g. last month or last year), compared with the long-term average solar resource since 2004. This difference indicates natural fluctuations that directly impacted the generation of thousands of PV systems across Europe having direct effect in both, the cash flow of the individual PV parks but also on the electricity grids at aggregated level.

The task involves the selection and preparation of data for the solar index calculation and transfer of 11.5 TB of data to a supercomputer (for example: more than 3 million grid points are analyzed to cover the entire African continent). Once the data has been completely transferred to the supercomputer, the algorithms to calculate the solar index will be executed using 4 nodes in the supercomputer each having 28 CPUs. This task involves huge amounts of data processing.


Figure: Percentage difference between the solar resource of January 2018 on the African continent, compared with the long-term average solar resource since 2004.

The Solar Index Map provides monthly updates and will rapidly become a very valuable tool in the solar community supporting the digitalization of the sector. Different stakeholders will rely on this tool for their decision making opening further opportunities for additional products and services around.


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