Solving the documentation dilemma of solar asset managers



SynaptiQ now integrates seamlessly with SMARTdoc, one of the most advanced document management systems on the market.

Maintaining your solar asset repository (intervention reports, invoices, contracts, financial reports, etc.) in a hierarchical structure seems always doomed to fail. SMARTdoc however brings a fully tag-based document repository that allows performing full-text search, OCR functionality, auto-tagging features, document workflow, version control and audit log. All this, perfectly integrated into a Microsoft Office 365 environment. The software has proven its strong added value in public administrations, insurance companies, logistics and health sector.

Solar asset managers profit from the integration of SMARTdoc in SynaptiQ since the solar data, asset documentation and communication are stored in one repository that shares the same domain model. An intervention report in your mailbox is automatically tagged to an inverter plant, supplier and maintenance contract. You can full-text search your technical or legal repository on holding company or SPV level via your SynaptiQ user interface. Reports that you want to share with your end-customers can be categorized as “Published” in order to make them available to non-SmartDoc users.

Tom Pintens, CEO of SMARTdoc, says: “Collaborating with SynaptiQ customers reveals the potential for process improvement and better security and privacy management. The open architecture of both SynaptiQ and SMARTdoc allows us to create an integration on multiple levels. An integration which gives answers on existing and future challenges.”