Supporting the deployment of Smart Grids in Bangladesh



3E provided consultancy services to the 1st Smart Grid pilot project in Bangladesh, triggering the deployment of smart grids worldwide.

3E has been commissioned by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to support the Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC), the distribution grid operator of Dhaka in Bangladesh, in defining the requirements and functionalities of a first Smart Grid pilot project.

After evaluating the current situation in terms of grid automation and modernization, and assessing the current main challenges faced by DPDC in its day-to-day operation, 3E recommended the installation of the following components in the pilot project:

  • Distribution management system (DMS) in the control room.
  • Substation modernization and automation (SAS).
  • Feeder automation by deploying intelligent field devices.
  • Distribution transformer monitor.
  • Redundant telecommunication infrastructure to assure reliable smart grid operation.

The pilot project will then be developed in 5 substations characterized by high losses and long outage duration. The aim of the pilot project will be to:

  • Provide a higher level of visibility and control over the network.
  • Improve the reliability of the electricity supply by reducing outage frequency and duration thanks to the implementation of automated fault location, isolation and service restauration functionality in the control center.
  • Decrease electricity losses.
  • Reduce the number of distribution transformers that burn each year.

Through a proposed roadmap, the final goal will be to replicate similar smart grid functionalities in the other substations of DPDC, leading to smart grid deployment in Dhaka and in other utilities in Bangladesh. This support adds to the ongoing efforts of DPDC concerning smart meters and Scada system deployment.