SynaptiQ goes west, integrating accurate satellite irradiation data for the Americas


In order to leverage the full functionality of the SynaptiQ independent performance analytics for PV plants on the American continents, 3E’s R&D team has integrated the data from the geostationary GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST satellites.


The NOAA CLAVR-x Cloud Processing System is applied in combination with 3E’s proprietary post-processing algorithms to calculate in-plane irradiation for each individual SynaptiQ solar array. The horizontal and in-plane satellite irradiation indicators are available in SynaptiQ on hourly level and updated daily.

This independent in-plane irradiation reference is the perfect indicator to monthly calculate contractual indicators for roof-top projects and to benchmark/ challenge on-site pyranometer data for utility scale projects.

This method will prove to be a significant advantage for the actual American and Canadian SynaptiQ assets, and all future assets in these markets.

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