SynaptiQ monitoring The Netherlands’ largest single roof solar project



On November 20th 2017, the largest single roof solar power project in the Netherlands was put into operation. A total of 15,318 solar panels were installed at the Rhenus Contract Logistics distribution centre in Eindhoven, generating more than 4,000 MWh annually. In order to guarantee lifetime performance optimisation, the developer KiesZon chose SynaptiQ, as its monitoring solution. Every day the O & M department steers its team based on the detailed information transmitted via SynaptiQ, 3E’s performance monitoring software.

The enormous solar power project was realized by KiesZon within its own four-pillar model. The development was managed by their own engineers, including the coordination of the financials, the construction by their own project managers and contractors and, after delivery, the exploitation by their own O&M department, powered by 3E’s performance monitoring software. The performance of all KiesZon solar power projects are currently monitored with SynaptiQ.

SynaptiQ and KiesZon

KiesZon now uses SynaptiQ for two and a half years. At least 30 solar power projects, representing more than 20 megawatts of capacity, are monitored and benchmarked daily using SynaptiQ. Frederik van Asbeck, O&M manager at KiesZon, indicates that 3E’s monitoring software has become vital: “Every day we check whether the solar power projects we have realized meet the yield forecasts that we have submitted to our partners prior to realization. Projects at Jumbo, Decathlon and ThyssenKrupp are performing optimally with the help of SynaptiQ and now also Rhenus, the largest project so far.” In many cases, KiesZon can analyze the performance of a solar power project at string level, thus offering its partners certainty about their revenues.

Werner Coppye, CTO at 3E, adds: “Digitalization of the solar industry happens now and in the first place throughout performance monitoring activities. Together with KiesZon, we continue to invest in innovating solar performance optimization.”