SynaptiQ Solar PV monitoring goes social


New tools for data collection and sharing will make high level reporting more cost-efficient

Global renewable energy consultancy 3E is inventing new features for its PV portfolio monitoring software, SynaptiQ, enabling users to pool reliable reference data from networks of high precision sensors.

Reporting on solar PV portfolio performance can be a time-consuming challenge. Acquiring good data is the biggest issue to ensure proper analysis and subsequent business and O&M planning. Measurements are often incomplete and additional satellite and reference data is required to make it usable for reporting. Combining all the data takes times, and results can still be uncertain.

“Poor measurement input data can cause variations in performance validations of up to 10%. Such high discrepancies make PV operational strategy definition unpleasantly uncertain for investors and asset managers” claims Kristoff Van Rattinghe, key product strategist of SynaptiQ monitoring and performance optimisation software at 3E.

However, very precise irradiation equipment can be costly and therefore not cost-effcient for owners of many small widespread parks.

3E’s solution is sensor pooling from networks of pyranometers. This means using pyranometer data for several different parks in a same region by calibrating and processing it to correspond to each particular installation configuration and orientation/inclination.

3E is currently testing the idea and continuously updating its SynaptiQ software to process and make the data more reliable for each user.

Mr Van Rattinghe continues: “Reporting shouldn’t be a guessing game. We are building SynaptiQ with solar intelligence and modelling capabilities to give users the most reliable data available. Sensor pooling is one solution for more flexibility and more cost-efficiency without compromises on data quality.”

3E is presenting SynaptiQ and its newest features at Intersolar. Find out more at stand B4-354.


SynaptiQ has been developed by 3E, a technical advisory and consultancy firm, specialised in renewable energy project guidance and data analysis. The company focuses on delivering cost-efficient solutions for project developers, investors and PV contractors to optimise system performance, from design to operation.