SynaptiQ teams up with BlueNRGY


3E joins forces with BlueNRGY, LLC (“BlueNRGY”) to accelerate its global footprint in solar and wind performance monitoring


Both companies agreed on a strategic partnership to boost the international deployment of SynaptiQ, the PV and Wind performance monitoring platform. BlueNRGY will include SynaptiQ in its service package in new major markets with – until now – limited presence of 3E.

This strategic cooperation will also enable 3E and BlueNRGY to continue serving their existing clients, but with greater efficiency, more comprehensive support and a wider portfolio of complementary and compatible products.

Geert Palmers, CEO of 3E: ‘Thanks to this partnership, we can speed-up our entry into new markets. SynaptiQ will be connected to several hundreds of MW’s of solar and wind farms in the US and Australia in the coming months. Although both companies have global references in all continents, our predominant markets are complementary. 3E is mostly present in the EU and in Africa. BlueNRGY has its main footprint in the US and starting in Asia.’

Emmanuel Cotrel, CEO of BlueNRGY: ‘SynaptiQ has proven its value to leading investors, asset managers and O&M companies on over 2000 solar plants in Europe and Africa. We are convinced that SynaptiQ has a great future in the US. It offers a unique brand agnostic compatibility, high robustness and has proven fast deployment abilities. The performance analytics and stakeholder oriented reporting are industry-leading, based on 3E’s track-record of 15 years solar and wind consultancy’.

SynaptiQ is now one of the most internationally present PV performance monitoring solutions, and is used in over 20 countries.

The partnership will have significant positive effects for both company’s clients, including inter-continental service support and market access. The global growth in solar is there to continue over the next decades, and SynaptiQ will support its clients to get the best out of their investments now and in the future.

About BlueNRG

BlueNRGY, LLC is a global energy data management solutions provider, delivering an integrated solution consisting of web-accessible energy monitoring software and secure, industrial-grade data storage and analytics for renewable energy power plants around the world. Founded in 2012, BlueNRGY, LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of BlueNRGY Group Limited, is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For more information about BlueNRGY, LLC visit