Wattson – 3E’s ESCO offering energy saving services in a DRFM-concept

  Client:  Senior Living Group (the Belgian daughter of the French Korean group) Period:  2013 – present Work Senior Living Group (“SLG”, the Belgian daughter of the French Korian group) is managing about 50 homes for elderly people in Belgium. In 2013 SLG approached 3E to guide them in improving the energy efficiency of their[…]

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ESCO4Gent – Feasibility study ESCO approach for SME’s

  Client:  Agentschap Ondernemen Period:  2014 – present Team:  Quares, Stad Gent, 3E, Rebel Work The goal of this study is to acquire insight into the energy savings potential, the challenges and the opportunities of an ESCO approach for SME’s.  The consortium adopted its multidisciplinary approach on two industrial sites (Drongen I and Industrieweg) in[…]