The Spanish renewables tender has wind in its sails



The recent Spanish renewables tender has been a fantastic success for wind power: out of the 3,000 MW allocated in May 2017, about 2,980 MW were assigned to wind. A clear winner arose, Forestalia, which was awarded the lion’s share with more than 1,200MW. GE was selected by Forestalia as wind turbine supplier for all submitted projects.

3E is proud to have supported GE through the auction process, having provided site and energy yield assessment services over a sample of the submitted projects – in a record-breaking time.

Baris Adiloglu, senior 3E expert says: “This project was the result of the strong synergy between the 3E teams from Belgium, France, Turkey and South Africa. We are happy that our intensive collaboration paid off and resulted in a winning bid.

Santiago Estrada, International Business Developer at 3E, says: “This is a perfect example of how 3E’s focus on long-term relationships with customers pay off. We have worked with GE in France for several years and now we are accompanying them to Spain.