How to transport 300.000 PV panels from China to Belgium in a sustainable way?



During the next 3 months, more than 800 containers will ship through the Belgian inland waterways in direction of the future solar park of Lommel (99MWp). The project developer of this park (LRM) has opted for an eco-friendly multimodal transportation to bring its 300.000 PV panels to Belgium.

With its 92 ha and 99 MWp, the Kristal Solar Park of Lommel is going to be the largest utility-scale solar park in the Benelux. 3E has been appointed as technical advisor for the project. Since 2017, our solar experts have been working on the detailed design and permit application of this project. In addition to providing technical support during the conception, negotiation and construction stages, 3E will also ensure maximal performance thanks to its monitoring services.

Meanwhile, the transportation of the 300.000 PV panels has started. These will be shipped in 500 maritime containers from Shanghai to Antwerp and then from Antwerp to the inland terminal of Meerhout. The last 30 km, however, will be travelled by road. Engie and Eutraco (the logistic operator) have consciously opted for a more eco-friendly way of transportation. According to Eutraco, “intermodal container transport by barge is not only extremely reliable and cost efficient, but also the greenest form of transport”(1).