WELL: Health and comfort building certification



3E has recently become the first WELL Accredited Professional in Belgium. The WELL international building standard uses a holistic approach to health in the built environment, addressing behaviour, operations and design.


Our society is currently facing new types of health and well-being issues. According to the WHO, depression will rank as the second worst disease in the world after cardiovascular diseases and ahead of cancers. Additionally, more than 90% of our time is spent in an indoor environment which can be 5 times more polluted than outside. And last but not least, personnel costs significantly outweigh the costs for design and construction and operations and maintenance.

These elements are just a selection of facts proving that health, productivity, happiness and well-being of the occupants of a building should and will play an important role in the design of that building. 3E is convinced that after moving from energy towards sustainability, comfort and well-being are next on the agenda and will become an important focus in all future buildings. Building owners working with WELL best practices show their employees, clients and visitors that they have their best interest in mind and pay special attention to their indoor environment and health.

What is WELL?

Based on 7 years of scientific research, the WELL Building Standard provides good practices within a certification scheme, in order to improve the comfort and health of occupants in a building. This tool is structured within 7 concepts and each of these are ascribed to the human body systems that are intended to benefit from its implementation.


While developed in the US, there are already more than 300 projects registered or certified worldwide. The WELL Building Standard is also growing rapidly in Europe where in 2 years more than 20 projects are registered in France, 12 in United Kingdom, 4 in Netherlands, …

Difference between LEED/BREEAM and WELL

While BREEAM and LEED are largely focused on environmental issues, WELL is more focusing on health and well-being of occupants. The WELL standard is compatible with LEED (the same Silver/Gold/platinum labels) and they are currently working on a compatibility with the BREEAM certification.

3E Focus

3E already performs specific studies focused on comfort and health for building occupiers and passersby, such as natural lighting, winter and summer thermal comfort, pedestrian comfort with CFD simulations, low emission materials and special techniques.

Combining this expertise and experience with 3E’s accreditation as assessor of BREEAM and WELL, we offer you the best and most up to date assistance to build greener and healthier buildings and neighbourhoods.