When solar PV technology rhymes with building efficiency



By 2020, every new European building should be a Nearly-Zero Energy Building. Moreover, all new public buildings should already by compliant by 2018.

With this new regulation, developers and architects are facing new challenges, and new energy concepts are of utmost importance to reach the targets. Building materials are expected to deliver additional functions, such as energy production.

In urban areas, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) can cover a part of the energy needs of a building in an aesthetical way. A multitude of affordable BIPV solutions is now commercially on offer: solar energy can be harnessed on facades, roof tops, balcony railings, etc. They can be opaque or transparent, with solar cells on one side or both. Solar becomes more and more part of the building skin, and no longer an add-on technology.

3E helps developers and architects to evaluate the potential and integration options of BIPV, by taking into account the complex shading in an urban environment as one of the main challenges for the profitability of a BIPV project. Get in touch to know more on how we can support your project with the latest technologies.