White Paper: Beyond Standard Wind Performance Monitoring Software



In this paper we show the economic outlooks of using an independent performance monitoring software compared to the manufacturers’ SCADA based systems. A crucial role for a wind monitoring and management software is to define wind generators’ weaknesses through performance analysis, leading to operation and maintenance efficiencies, and downtimes prevention. Identifying root causes in a customized and automated way allows operators and asset managers to prevent or effectively correct the major factors that affect the operation of the farm thus reducing losses due to unavailability. Moreover, this also gives a strong negotiating position towards turbine manufacturers and reduces operational costs for analysis and reporting.

The advantage of using SynaptiQ Wind compared to a standard monitoring system is shown in this study by identifying three different gains:

  • The gains on availability improvements (such as the increased reactivity
    for non-operating systems),
  • The improvement of performances for those systems that undergo
    technical misalignments or material defaults,
  • The earning thanks to operational costs reductions.

A fully independent performance monitoring software like SynaptiQ Wind allows the owner to get a comprehensive overview of his wind portfolio and the most critical performances in a glance. The embedded customized availability tools, such as automatization and flexible reallocation allow the operator to benchmark the OEM calculations at any time, to question the differences and to structure maintenance activities accordingly .

Moving to a unique data collection platform to monitor and manage a wide portfolio including more turbine brands, means eliminating several heterogeneous supervision portals and drastically reducing the time spent for reporting. Integrated best-practise work processes, supported by dashboards, reports and analysis tools provide direct added value through more effective analysis and reduced resources usage.

On a mixt portfolio of on- and offshore assets of 86 turbines, an overall annual gain of 800 kEUR is identified, when using an independent performance monitoring software. In the paper, this gain is calculated in detail by making a root cause failure analysis. Several case studies document the methodology and the statistics applied for this calculation.

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