Optimizing wind projects for complex terrains



3E is providing technical support services to Limak Enerji for the preparation and optimization of 6 wind projects to be submitted to the EMRA application. This service includes the wind resource analysis, the determination of the wind farm site limits for an optimized micrositing and finally the energy production calculation with an uncertainty analysis for each of their projects. 3E will provide micrositing and energy yield assessment services using CFD modeling. CFD is used extensively by 3E in Turkey since most of potential sites are located in complex terrains, where traditional linear wind flow models such as WAsP are not suitable. In addition to wind speed, CFD models can also assess the turbulence intensity and wind flow angle, which are crucial elements to validate turbine positions and ensure their locations comply with wind turbine design parameters, set forth in the IEC 61400-1 norm.

Main focus

Baris Adiloglu, senior consultant at 3E and specialized in the Turkish market said “3E has been active in Turkey since 2008 and has become a preferred partner for local developers and banks since then. We are very happy to work with Limak Enerji and are committed to make these projects as optimized as possible, in order for Limak to offer competitive prices. 3E is committed to the Turkish market since we started and will continue to grow our consultancy business in wind and PV in this country in the years to come”.