FIT – Feasibility of Renewables in Tanzania

September 22, 2016

Country:  Tanzania
Period:  2012 – 2018


3E/Energio Verda Africa/TANESCO carried out a feasibility study on the renewable energy potentials in Tanzania. The objective of the study was to identify and quantify the potential of the different renewable energy sources available, worked out a feasibility for a number of preselected sites, assessed its impact on the general grid structure and evaluated the existing incentive schemes to promote and implement renewable energy projects in Tanzania. More specific the feasibility of the following renewables was investigated: Wind energy, Solar Energy (PV) and Biomass.

• Installation of wind masts + solar sensors.
• Follow-up and data-cleaning of measurements
• Wind and solar resource assessments
• Mesoscale model and validation
• Wind and solar resource and site assessment reports
• Biomass resource assessment
• Grid Study
• Micro siting
• Building specific financial models for renewable projects (wind, solar and hydro) in Tanzania
• Support of the Tanzanian government for their support mechanisms towards renewable energy