Storm Windpower- Project Guidance in Flanders

September 22, 2016

Country:  Belgium
Period:  2011 – 2015


3E was in charge of project development activities for Storm’s projects in Flanders. 3E wrote the permit application documents (building permit application and environmental permit applications) and reviewed the environmental impact studies, including shadow impact analysis, noise studies and photomontages.
Once the project permits were received, 3E assisted Storm with the long term wind resource assessment and site suitability studies. Using wind measurement data, 3E developed a long term forecast of wind climate patterns. The long term wind resource data combined with a wind turbine power curve were used to calculate the energy production of the wind farm. This information was then used as input for the business plan and financial model of the wind farm. The site suitability study verified that the selected turbine type could withstand the local wind climate of the site.