XANT, medium-power wind turbine manufacturer, becomes new spin-off of 3E


3E’s wind team has developed an innovative and certified concept for medium scale wind turbines. The ‘XANT’ turbine represents a great step forward in turbine technology in terms of ease of installation, robustness, and low maintenance requirements.  It has been designed for remote industrial areas with limited grid access, and offers a competitive alternative for power supply due to rising energy costs and the frequent power cuts in such areas.

The name XANT is derived from the initials of the 3E engineers who designed the turbine; Xavier Vanwijck, Alex De Broe, Nathalie Picot and Thomas Duffey. Alex De Broe will remain at the core of the new independent XANT company as CTO. XANT are now also hiring for the position of Business Developer.

The newly established company XANT was set up thanks to an investment from Vyncke nv and business angel Jo Versavel. The now independent company and its new investors will henceforth be responsible for the commercialisation and manufacturing of the new turbines. 3E continues to provide its clients with fully independent consultancy and software services in wind, solar and hybrid systems.