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August 1, 2022

An interview with David Trial

Looking for some bankable solar irradiance data to simulate P50 or P95 long-term yield assessments? Need some virtual met mast timeseries to speed up the development of your wind farms?

We have what you need! Thanks to Resource Analysis, the new SynaptiQ application for high-resolution wind & solar data, you can have unlimited access to validated, high-resolution data, wherever and whenever needed. We met 3E’s Business Developer Energy Data, David Trial, and asked him to tell us more about this product.

1. Hi David, what is this new application Resource Analysis about?

Resource Analysis is 3E’s latest SynaptiQ web application, unique on the market and designed for both solar and wind project developers who need validated high-resolution resource data.

With SynaptiQ Resource Analysis, users will have access to extensive datasets of irradiations, meteorological and wind parameters, within a lean environment and for very competitive prices. The integration in the SynaptiQ platform – 3E’s exclusive platform-as-a-service – transforms the data into actionable insights across the entire life cycle of assets. As such, any user can enjoy a full digital life cycle for their projects in SynaptiQ, from the early development stages until operation & maintenance.

We are pretty excited about the coming launch of SynaptiQ Resource Analysis, which will be done in two phases:

  • Solar irradiation & meteorological data will be made available during this summer.
  • Advanced wind resource products will be launched at Wind Europe Hamburg in September, as a beta version.

2. What makes Resource Analysis unique on the market?

SynaptiQ Resource Analysis has several singularities. The first one is that this application is an amazing condensate of 20 years of 3E’s technical expertise in yield and resource assessment. Having such a strong field experience has helped us to design our features according to the challenges our customers face every day.  

Additionally, it is worth noting that both our solar and wind resource models have been developed in-house, by our R&D department, that has been innovating in the industry for more than 10 years. This gives us full control on the development, enables fast improvements and allows us to tailor services when customers need it.

Finally, the way a user accesses our data has been re-thought completely as well. The user can enjoy a lean user interface in our web application, and quickly obtain products he needs thanks to optimized computing systems and data storage. And access through an API is also available, to accommodate specific demands.

SynaptiQ Resource Analysis is literally a digital answer to the daily concerns of the resource engineers, data analysts and business developers in the renewable industry.

3. Which type of resource data are going to be provided?

With respect to solar, you can generate historical timeseries, a Typical Meteorological Year or ‘TMY’, and any other exceedance probability (P90, etc.) of such a TMY. The set of parameters is extensive: global, diffuse, normal and tilted irradiations with standard meteorological parameters are all available – and albedo is going to be included in the dataset too.

All necessary time resolutions are also made available: the original 15-minute data, but also hourly, daily and monthly aggregations.

Looking at wind resources, 3E is developing several specific products: high-resolution land data, reanalysis data, and an ingenious microscale timeseries – called Virtual Met Mast. Our Virtual Met Mast solution is the end product of a cutting-edge model chain powered by artificial intelligence and has been developed in-house by our wind and machine learning experts.

4. Can you tell us more about this ground-breaking ‘Virtual Met Mast’?

Sure! Our Virtual Met Mast is a modelled meteorological mast, that simulates wind resources at a chosen location. It consists of long-term timeseries of various wind and meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, air density, turbulence intensity and stability.

Thanks to the integration of cutting-edge data from Sentinel-2 satellites into our model chain, we can deliver Virtual Met Masts at a spatial resolution of 30 meters. Furthermore, in-house and peer-reviewed approach has been integrated in our microscale model in order to provide timeseries at a time granularity of 10 minutes, which results into more accurate production and loss estimations. Our Virtual Met Mast is also highly customizable: timeseries can be generated at any height above ground, bewteen 10 to 300 meters, and up to 30 years in the past.

Last but not least, our model chain is leveraging the power of cloud computing services, allowing to compute these wind resources fast and in a cost-effective way.

5. Can anyone test this Virtual Met Mast?

Yes, we need you! We are building an extensive validation campaign in many different climates and topographies, and we are looking for beta testers to test our Virtual Met Mast in their region of choice.

Beta testers help us to improve the products, go through the use cases, test the web application, etc. and they get rewarded by getting prime access to our app. Many regional and global companies have already embarked with us, and we hope to grow bigger this strong community.

All right, thanks David for this interview!

Wish to know more about our wind & solar data?
Check our dedicated webpage or contact us.

Want to join the beta testing group of our virtual met mast?
Get in touch with David Trial through this form, or join us at WindEnergy Hamburg.

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