Wind Analytics

Up to
Increase of Your AEP
Up to
Yearly Savings per Turbine
Up to
Ahead Failure Detection

Let your data work for you and get the complete picture of your wind portfolio performance: automated, accurate, and actionable

Avoid unexpected downtime, save money

Predict component failures, prevent costly downtime exceeding € 100K, and ensure timely maintenance with machine learning-based temperature anomaly detection.

React based on alarms

Analyse dynamic thresholds based on Machine Learning model

Uncover under-performance, boost returns

SynaptiQ Wind Analytics uses high-frequency data and IEC standards to provide accurate power curve verification that identifies and corrects potential underperformance, saving you up to € 20K / year per turbine.

Less effort, more ROI: simplify and succeed.

Optimize your wind energy portfolio with Business Plan Verification, saving up to 4% of your AEP and 15% of operational effort while effortlessly identifying underperforming assets and explaining production deviations.

Unburden your team: automate outage management

Effortlessly manage contractual availabilities, simplify loss calculations and analyze root causes with Allocation Tool to save over € 100 K annually.

Optimize Performance with Precision, Efficiency, and Data-Driven Decisions

Uncover performance losses

To analyze the difference between your actual and predicted energy output, our performance model evaluates losses such as wake losses, curtailment, turbine availability, and unexpected performance losses.

Advanced verification of losses

Our data-driven advanced analytics analyze sensor reliability and compare corrected power curve with contracted power curve to adjust turbulence intensity and air density based on extensive monitoring data.

Component check for root-cause analysis

We harness digital twin technology to dive deeper into component-level failures and identify root causes of under-performance.

Detected anomalies raised by alarms

The auto-generated alarms point you to the corrective actions you can undertake to increase future yield.

Let your data work for you

Unlock peak asset performance with Wind Analytics: Harness the power of digital twin-based predictive analytics for asset optimisation.


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