Project Development

Unlimited access to bankable
resource data

Get solar and wind data to assess long-term yield of future renewable assets, improve ROI and evaluate operational plant performance.

Accurate resource data trusted by 20,000 sites worldwide

Create a pipeline of bankable projects

Trusted platform for developers, investors, asset managers, owners, O&M contractors, for accurate resource data that fuels their daily operations and empowers informed decision-making.

Accurate & validated

Our data is constantly making it the most thoroughly validated resource data available today.

Solar Data
Mean Bias Error
Standard Deviation
Virtual Met Mast
Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE)

95% of validated sites with GHI MBE between -2.5 and +2.5

The map below shows the detailed statistics for each validation site. Click on the site marker to see the values. The detailed validation results are also available in our whitepaper below.

Independently Validated

Eurac Research's Institute for Renewable Energy validated our high-accuracy solar data against 420+ years of European ground measurements.

Data Accessible in archelios™ PRO and PVSyst

You can easily access 3E solar data in archelios™ PRO and PVSyst and import 3E TMY hourly data in a recognized format.

Instant access to bankable resource data, just a click away

Choose a site on the SynaptiQ platform worldwide

Explore a map or search within the platform's vast global database of potential sites to identify and select an optimal location for your project.

Select solar or wind data based on your needs

Choose the relevant data type that aligns with your project requirements, whether it's solar irradiation, wind speed, or wind direction data.

Customize data parameters, resolution, granularity, and file format

Tailor the data parameters, including the time period, geographical extent, resolution, granularity, and file format, to suit your specific analysis or modeling needs.

Receive your requested data within 5 mins to 24 hours

Submit your data request through SynaptiQ, and within 5 mins (for solar data) to 24 hours (for wind data), receive the requested data in the specified format for seamless analysis and integration into your project.

Solar Data

Increase the value of your project by reducing your yield uncertainty with accurate and bankable solar irradiation data

Wind Data

Modeled wind resource data at the highest resolutions to prospect new sites, run yield calculation and accelerate your project planning.


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