Detecting asset performance issues instantly: a case study of Voltalia with SynaptiQ

Smart alarms
By aggregating alarms, SynaptiQ reduces the volume of false positives, making it easier to assess the portfolio’s status and respond to the most critical concerns first. SynaptiQ has enabled us to increase the efficiency of our remote operations by 50%, which makes our company more scalable.
Early root cause detection
SynaptiQ’s advanced analytics enables us to spot and solve energy losses months in advance. This feature brings more awareness about energy losses and helps focusing our efforts on the most relevant issues
Timely intervention
Thanks to SynaptiQ’s seamless integration with Voltalia’s field management system, information like incident details, pre-analysis of the issue, recommendations and an intervention checklist, is directly sent to field technicians. This automated process enables Voltalia to resolve onsite issues faster, ensuring consistently high energy production
Transparent reporting
All the monitoring data, analysis and field activities are consolidated on SynaptiQ. Based on that, the system generates automatic reports on energy production, availability, interventions, business plan comparisons and other customizable KPIs. This automated and centralized reporting not only saves time for everyone, but also ensures that all the stakeholders have access to the information they need.
Asset Type
Portfolio Size

The challenge

1. Prioritising alerts

With our growing portfolio, we get thousands of alerts and it’s extremely hard to spot the urgent issues and respond quickly to them. We need a system that can prioritise the alerts. 

2. Optimising performance and availability

Our biggest O&M challenge is to improve overall performance of the assets we manage. We need to guarantee that all assets are producing as much energy as possible. 

3. Scaling up effectively

We are a growing company in a dynamic market,so we need our way of working to be scalable. This means automating what we can and making processes as efficient as possible.

4. Data sharing

We used to work with different tools, which resulted in a fragmented overview of our monitoring and maintenance activities, data losses and extra costs. Data sharing with our customers, developers and engineering teams tended to be limited or messy.

The solution

We use SynaptiQ for oursolar PV and storage assets because it is an integrated platform for data collection, real-time monitoring and reporting.

1.    Actionable insights

By using historical and real-time data, andmachine learning, SynaptiQ turns the noisy data of multiple alerts into clearinsights, so it is easy to prioritise the alerts.

2.    Quick response time

SynaptiQ enables us todetect and fix faults fast. As a result, we have avoided over 73 GWh of energylosses in the past year. Fast intervention means we can maintain highperformance standards for our own assets and our customers’ assets. 

3.    Operations efficiency

While featuring easy and predefined workflows, SynaptiQ’s monitoring systemalso helps us identify the rootcause of issues. This allows our onsite & remote teams to work moreefficiently.

4.   Quality data

SynaptiQ’s Digital Twin is fed with real-time modeling satellite data and enriched with bankable resource data to simulate the asset’s expected behaviour. The resulting high-quality and accurate data enables us to perform more advanced performance analysis and to make better data-driven decisions.

Why SynaptiQ

- SynaptiQ’s Digital Twin shows us when our assets are not performing as expected and detects issues early so that we know exactly when maintenance is needed.

- Through features like predefined dashboards, SynaptiQ offers consistency and automation in routine processes. This is essential for scaling up our operations efficiently.

- The platform ensures seamless data sharing for stakeholders, providing easy access to automated reporting on plant performance and customizable KPIs.

- SynaptiQ’s software compatibility means it integrates seamlessly within our existing field management system and we are not limited in our future software choices.

Customer’s quotes

“We can do the same job with 50% fewer people in the control room thanks to SynaptiQ’s advanced analytics, predefined dashboards and automated reporting."
"SynaptiQ allows us to respond faster to performance issues, preventing over 73 GWh of energy losses annually."
— Vasco Vieira, Head of Remote O&M, Voltalia

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