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October 31, 2019

Picture: the 3E South African team, with from left to right: Emmanuel Namanya, Ulrich Terblanche, Juan Luis Agarrado, Leon Flaum and Maro Turner

Our work

3E has always been supporting its clients on the African continent. In 2011, 3E therefore inaugurated a new office in Cape Town that has since then been fully committed to developing Renewable Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks to our early presence in the South African market, we have been able to take an active role during the numerous rounds of the national Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) program. The program has been the perfect platform to take opportunities on the African continent and to launch 3E beyond the South African borders. It has in addition been a big success, full of challenges and valuable lessons learned along the way.

3E has been providing independent technical services on behalf of developers, asset managers, investors, lenders and policy-makers for the implementation, development and full project life-cycle assessment of renewable energy programs and private initiatives. 3E has assisted several well-known players in the African renewable energy market with owner’s engineer services during development, design, tendering, contracting, construction and operations. 3E has also advised multiple public and private institutions in more than 15 African countries, acting as Lender’s Technical Advisor. Furthermore, 3E has successfully implemented nationwide solar and wind mapping, and measurement campaigns (ESMAP) supported by the World Bank.

Until now 3E has been involved in different projects in 27 African countries; 3E has thus established a strong footprint on this continent.

Electricity generated from solar and wind resources has now become cheaper than the fossil-fuel alternatives in major parts of the world. Besides important socio-economic benefits, there are also political benefits for countries becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy. This is especially the case in Africa where the vast natural regions are used to presenting challenges for electrical infrastructure and transmission. 3E is proud to be an active member in these major transitions.

Our team

The South African team has significantly expanded in recent years. The current team consists of multidisciplinary experts with diverse backgrounds, from innovation, to development, design, construction and operations. This new team is continuously in contact with 3E’s global office network.

Juan Luis Agarrado, Regional Manager for 3E South Africa, is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 14 years’ experience in the Power, Water and Renewable Energy Sectors mainly focused on the African continent:

“I am proud to introduce you 3E’s South African team, a multidisciplinary, dynamic and knowledgeable group of engineers, who complement each other very well to deliver expert services for the diverse projects in the local market.

Maro Turner is a Consulting Engineer with 5 years’ experience in solar photovoltaic and wind energy projects. He is involved in the various stages of project development, from resource measurement and energy yield assessments, design, verification and full technical due diligence, to construction monitoring and independent engineering.

Leon Flaum is a Field Engineer with more than 6 years’ experience in renewable energy projects and 11 years’ experience in construction. His areas of expertise include project management, technical construction management, due diligence and technical reviews. He has extensive experience in multiple large solar photovoltaic projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (more than 300 MW).

Ulrich Terblanche is a Senior Consultant and an Energy Engineer with more than 7 years’ experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. His roles include project management, strategy development, design, modelling and conducting feasibility studies for multidisciplinary projects. He works closely with clients to help them understand and implement suitable energy solutions.

Emmanuel Namanya is a Senior Consultant and an Electrical Engineer, registered as a professional engineer with ECSA. He has more than 5 years’ experience in power and renewable energy (solar and wind). He has been involved in multi-disciplinary projects at different stages, fulfilling and executing several project roles from feasibility, design (concept and detailed) to procurement and construction.

3E’s South African team, with the continuous support of our offices in Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey and India, is committed to delivering expert services to our clients throughout Africa and facilitating the successful implementation of renewable energy projects.”

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