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SaaS platform for better performance, increased ROI, and long-term profitability of renewable assets throughout their lifecycle.


20,000 sites rely on SynaptiQ for performance optimisation

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"SynaptiQ adds intelligence to your data, including a digital twin comparison, allowing easy identification of underperforming plants, while offering a user-friendly and flexible environment for data analysis."

Martin Horstink

Asset Manager


SynaptiQ saves us time & money with our everyday maintenance. Mostly we use it to monitor our plant and portfolio level performance of solar assets and do proactive interventions.

Mirko Stjepic

O&M Manager

Romande Energie

SynaptiQ has revolutionized how we monitor and optimise our solar plants at Insaver-Luminus. With its user-friendly interface and powerful digital twin comparison, we easily identify and rectify underperforming plants, maximising energy-saving solutions.

Jef Hoogsteyns

B2B Service Manager


Leverage the unmatched accuracy of our Physics Based Digital Twin, driven by real-time modeling satellite data and enriched with bankable resource data.

Experience hardware agnostic compatibility and capture all interactions, from your field services to financials across solar, wind and storage systems.

Unleash the Power of Built-in Analytics. Discover the out-of-the-box advanced performance KPI's and best-of-class analytics for performance optimization. Gain valuable insights on asset health and take control of your success.

Gain control with fully customizable dashboards and automated reporting, tailored to the specific needs of you and your team.

SynaptiQ helps teams to develop, monitor and optimise renewable assets.

Develop projects, grow fast

Obtain high-resolution wind data and bankable solar irradiation data to assess long-term yield, enhance ROI, and evaluate plant performance of future renewable assets.

Monitor alarms, close gaps

Reduce operational effort with reliable site / portfolio monitoring, smart alarms, and simple reporting enabled by your assets' digital twin.

Analyse performance, increase ROI

Automate your plant diagnostics by recognizing performance losses, allowing you to close the energy gap between expected and measured energy.

The right application for every project phase.

Empowering all in the renewable energy landscape - from developers and operators to asset owners, O&M managers, and data specialists

Project Development

Solar Irradiation Data

Get unlimited access to Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) & Historical Time Series data to reduce your yield uncertainty and increase project value


Asset Operations

Optimise the operations, performance analysis & reporting of your solar, wind and storage portfolio with comprehensive functionality beyond monitoring

One platform to empower all: Analyse, address, and optimise plant performance with ease using cutting-edge predictive analytics

Trusted by 200+ operators & managers

Get a glimpse of our accomplishments, reflecting our dedication, proficiency, and the tangible impact we have made in asset performance management.

Connected capacity
Connected plant sites across 45 countries
Increase in revenue
Reduction in operational effort

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover valuable information about our services, products, and more.

What is a physics based digital twin?

A physics-based digital twin is a cutting-edge virtual replica that models the physical behavior of an object or system in real-time, offering a dynamic and accurate representation. Unlike a conventional digital twin, it leverages physics simulations to provide more precise insights, allowing for enhanced predictive capabilities and in-depth analysis of complex interactions.

How does SynaptiQ assess diverse renewable assets accurately?

SynaptiQ uses an advanced information model for near-real-time indicators, accessible through dashboards. Visualize data, interpret performance, detect losses early with analysis. Smart alarms and task management ensure timely issue identification and resolution, maximizing asset efficiency.

How does SynaptiQ identify and quantify plant performance issues?

SynaptiQ's Analytics application automatically identifies and quantifies performance issues, providing actionable recommendations for maximum impact on yield. With industry-leading accuracy, our physics-based modeling approach offers detailed loss split-up and root cause analysis.

What technologies are supported by SynaptiQ's platform?

The SynaptiQ platform supports solar, wind, and storage technologies for monitoring and performance optimization of your plant and portfolio. It provides comprehensive capabilities to collect, analyze, and visualize data from these renewable energy sources, allowing you to effectively monitor the performance of your assets.

How do I onboard my assets to SynaptiQ?

In SynaptiQ, we prioritize the onboarding process for your assets, ensuring efficiency and simplicity. With our advanced technology, we offer hardware agnostic and self-deployment options. Our platform supports a wide range of brands, including 79 brands of inverters and 34 brands of data loggers, while accommodating multiple communication protocols.


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