Our Mission

Renewable energy for everyone, everywhere

Empowering a greener tomorrow, our vision is a world fueled by clean, sustainable energy where renewables drive homes, businesses, and industry, forging a brighter future for all.

We maximise the performance of your renewable energy assets through data intelligence, digital innovation and expert services.

Investment in renewable energy is now the most cost-effective and sustainable choice due to the advancements and innovations of the past few decades. Solar PV is already the cheapest source of electricity in the world, wind power is expected to be less expensive than nuclear, coal, and gas-fired generation in Europe, and utility-scale batteries and zero-emission fuels are expected to reach cost parity within the next decade.  

To fully realize this sustainable future, it is estimated that the world will need to invest 1,000 billion Euro into renewable energy assets and electricity networks over the next three decades.

At 3E, we are working to accelerate the global energy transition by bringing new technology, innovation, and services to the market, supported by our 24 years of experience.

What we do

20+ years of experience in pioneering renewable asset performance solutions.

SynaptiQ Platform

SaaS platform for better performance, increased ROI, and long-term profitability of renewable assets across its full lifecycle.


We use decades of research and development to create products and services that help increase renewable energy generation worldwide.

Expert Services

Empowering renewable projects, throughout its lifecycle, with technical, engineering, financial and strategic advisory.

A diverse team with global roots

Countries with offices

Leading the way in driving change for over two decades

Founded in 1999 as an IMEC spin-off, 3E evolved from consultants to a global renewable energy company. With partners in 60+ countries, our software and services optimise renewable energy asset performance  


3E FOUNDATION as a spin-off of IMEC

1999 - 2007

Organic growth, international presence in 30 countries, New office in France


Launch of SynaptiQ platform


Cape Town

Office in Cape Town


Launch of the SynaptiQ digital twin with performance model



Office in India



Office in Spain


20 GW

Connected Capacity in SynaptiQ

90 GW

Advised Assets

Our Spin-Offs

For the past 24 years, 3E has consistently dedicated over 15% of its resources in collaborative R&D, technology and business innovation, as demonstrated by our spin-off companies. Our focus on innovation supports our mission to increase the ROI of your renewable energy projects by giving you tools and expertise to turn data into revenue.


The world's most robust medium-size wind turbine, bought by Eocycle


The first floating lidar device for bankable offshore wind measurements, sold to Axys.


Project management and financing of deep energy renovation of buildings.


Building design, operation, technology guidance and policy to create a sustainable future in the building environment.


Building control optimization that combines forecasting data with the latest artificial intelligence.

Join us, we're hiring!

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