Insaver connecting 70 rooftop PV plants to 3E’s asset operations platform

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May 17, 2021

PV installer and operator Insaver, a subsidiary of EDF Luminus, recently chose for 3E’s asset operations platform SynaptiQ to monitor its entire B2B solar portfolio. 3E is proud to add this new client to its track record.

Insaver was founded in 2012 and aims to reducing the ecological footprint of households and enterprises in Flanders and Brussels. The company is specialised in solar panels, battery systems, EV charging stations and roof works. Since its integration with EDF Luminus (the 2nd largest energy producer in the world) in 2017, Insaver has been operating the group’s key solar accounts located on the Flemish and Brussels regions.

70 PV plants to monitor through one system

Insaver is managing a portfolio of more than 30 MW solar PV rooftops on industrial sites and SMEs (hospitals, retirement homes, food shops, businesses,...). The PV operator wanted to connect its 70 PV plants (from 20KW to 3.200KW) to one single monitoring platform. For this, they needed a performance monitoring system that would easily onboard solar assets of all sizes. In addition to a high-performance system and a swift deployment process, Insaver was looking for an efficient local technical support and good alarm settings. Features they found in 3E’s digital platform SynaptiQ.

Stef Goossens, CEO at 3E, explains: “Because 3E was already providing expert & data services to EDF Luminus and Dauvister [sister company of Insaver for Wallonia], supporting Insaver with their asset management was a strategic move for 3E. This project enables us to work at several levels within the EDF group and to offer a wide range of products and services to EDF’s renewable energy projects.”

Flexible configuration process

The integration of plants of all sizes into SynaptiQ is made possible through two tools, namely the SynaptiQ Configurator and the onboarding template. The latter is used for assets with 4 inverters and less. It consists in uploading a pre-filled Excel template with the exact settings of the plant, on the platform. The SynaptiQ Configurator, by contrast, is used for larger assets. This web-based portal allows the client to configure the domain model of PV plants in his portfolio. Both tools are crucial for a correct aggregation of indicators and for the establishment of the digital twin model of PV plants of any size.

Technical support during the onboarding phase

Of course 3E’s technical service remains available for guidance of the client throughout the whole process. After a first start-up meeting on the next steps and their requirements, trainings were given to the Insaver B2B team about the SynaptiQ Configurator, the onboarding file and the basic functionalities of SynaptiQ Operations. All instructions were exemplified with the client’s first PV plant. From then on, the client started configuring its plants on the platform and onsite. 3E’s client support team, on its side, started checking the data communication and the configuration of the plants before their actual publication on the client’s account.

Currently five plants are already connected to 3E’s asset operations platform. We expect the onboarding process of the 70 PV assets into the system to be completed by end of June. As with every new client, next trainings will be on alarm fine-tuning and reporting.

Jean-Philippe Janssens, Sales & Marketing Manager at Insaver, concludes: “With our B2B portfolio growing at a fast rate, the need to centralize the management and monitoring of all PV-projects in one single digital platform had become very urgent. Insaver found in 3E the ideal partner to maximize efficiency and performance, thus ensuring a high quality service to our customers.”

Steven Moens, 3E's Sales Manager Benelux-UK, adds: “In that sense, SynaptiQ’s easy data integration is key for the financial or performance reporting of big organisations. Through API or FlexiReport, you can easily share data between any level of the same group, no matter the monitoring system used.”

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