Storm optimises revenue forecasting of wind farm through in-depth analysis of the performance

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December 21, 2021

The company Storm optimised the energy production of one of their operational wind farms using 3E’s Turbine Underperformance Analysis. Through this analysis the 3E team was able to quantify the impact on their revenue streams, from power curve verification to yaw misalignment.

Turbine Underperformance Analysis

In the absence of an accurate, cost-efficient way to expose performance deviations, an unfortunate blind spot is present throughout the lifetime of a wind farm. As a result, underperformance often remains undetected. The financial ramifications for your business can spiral out of control with wind turbines in operation for at least two decades.

To analyse the behaviour of up and running wind turbines it is essential to use an external dataset as reference. The tools currently available rely on data collection from measurement masts or the recently developed nacelle-based LiDAR. They tend to focus on contractual claims against manufacturers.

With their respective drawbacks of high costs and a complex installation, our experts at 3E opted for a vertical profile LiDAR for our pilot project with Storm. Leveraging the technology to reduce costs increases flexibility and provides a fast installation process to our clients. In addition, we prefer to direct our efforts towards revenue optimisation and to strengthen the relation with your supplier.

"3E’s Turbine Underperformance Analysis provided us with an in-depth analysis of the performance of one of our wind farms. It enabled us to increase production and to optimise revenue forecasting. Impressive innovation from 3E!" - Annemarie Devis, Storm NV

We focus on three key resolution points

1. Power Curve verification

By following the same methodology as described in the 61400-12-1 IEC standard, an image of the operational performance can be constructed. Taking into account site-specific effects like air density, turbulence intensity, shear and veer, we normalise the measured datasets for an accurate comparison. By correcting the measured power and LiDAR wind measurements, we arrive at an independent measured power curve.

WPC = Warranted Power Curve
PC = Power Curve

2. Validation of measured production

Based on the power curve verification it is possible to quantify the difference between your actual and expected energy production. Providing leverage in revenue forecasting and portfolio optimisation.

3. Yaw misalignment

Analysing the difference between the wind direction and nacelle position. A frequent issue that can lead to losses of 2% on the annual energy production when left uncorrected. Deviations can also hide the incorrect implementation of environmental curtailment strategies and lead to permit infractions.

With the inclusion of the Turbine Underperformance Analysis to our portfolio, we at 3E are further extending our presence into the operational stages of wind farm development. We reinforce our knowledge in the area while supporting your transition to digitalised renewable energy through the SynaptiQ platform, our one-stop shop for digital solutions.

If you would like to get more info, simply get in touch with our 3E experts.

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