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Acceptance Assistance

We perform technical verifications at each critical project milestone, giving you confidence that the plant has been commissioned in accordance with the EPC contract.
solar, wind
Expert Service
build, operate
lenders, investors, project-developers, epc-contractor, ipp

Asset Management Assistance

By combining our technical consultancy background with the expertise we have gained from our asset and operations management platform, we provide financial and institutional investors with high-level Asset Management Assistance.
solar, wind
Expert Service
asset-operators, project developers, epc-contractors, ipp

Capacity Building

We make renewable energy strategies where there are none yet. We have long-standing experience in building capacity to engage in renewable energy development, also in challenging markets like off-grid African habitats, islands and peripheral regions.
solar, wind
Expert Service
develop, build, operate, transact, end-of-life
investors, strategists, ipp

Conceptual Design & Optimization

Once we have defined the site boundaries, we can generate a conceptual site design including selections of the major components and a draft of the site layout.
solar, wind
Expert Service
develop, end-of-life
project-developers, epc-contractor, ipp

Construction management & monitoring

We verify that all construction activities are performed to the highest standards and within the budget and timeframes agreed upon in the EPC contract.
solar, wind
Expert Service
lenders, project-developers, epc-contractor, ipp

Data Business Intelligence

We monitor energy production in near to real-time and forecasted at the highest geographical resolution possible.
solar, wind
Expert Service
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