Technical due diligence for LANGA INTERNATIONAL; facilitating a successful fundraising operation

Acting as technical advisor during LANGA INTERNATIONAL’s latest fundraising operation, 3E helped the company achieve an €85 million capital increase. These funds will be crucial as LANGA look to further develop its renewable energy projects portfolio. In this blog post, we detail the work 3E carried out to facilitate this success. You’ll also find thoughts about the collaboration from Gilles Lebreux, LANGA’s founder and CEO.
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LANGA INTERNATIONAL is an independent energy producer that develops, builds and operates renewable energy facilities. It specialises in the development of solar, wind and hydroelectric projects, and is focused on international markets. Recently, the company undertook a fundraising operation for its solar assets. 

Working as a technical advisor, 3E performed a technical due diligence for this fundraising operation. 3E provided technical expertise and advice to the investor throughout the process, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of LANGA INTERNATIONAL. This included a thorough analysis of its ground-mounted photovoltaic portfolio in several countries. The success rate of these projects was determined, helping to reassure the investors that the project aligned with its objectives and risk tolerance. 

Fundraising success: key figures 

LANGA INTERNATIONAL was seeking funds to finance current development activity and the construction of future renewable energy projects. With 3E’s assistance, the fundraising operation was successful.

An €85 million capital increase was achieved through investment from LANGA INTERNATIONAL’s existing financiers Bpifrance and RGREEN INVEST, as well as new investor SWEN Capital Partners. As a result of the operation, RGREEN INVEST’s capital share has increased from approximately 8.5% to 13.5%. 

How 3E facilitated the process 

To facilitate LANGA INTERNATIONAL’s successful capital increase, 3E was mandated by the financial advisor, Astris Finance, to conduct an independent technical audit. The purpose of this audit was to demonstrate the strategies used by LANGA INTERNATIONAL to develop photovoltaic projects, and to evaluate the success rate associated with this development. 

The audit was carried out by 3E experts Rogelio Avendaño Reyes (Regional Lead France Consultancy), Mauricio Alvarado (Renewable Energy Consultant), and Gregory Ignace (Operations Lead France), and included:

---> An extensive evaluation of LANGA INTERNATIONAL’s internal organisation, portfolio, growth plan, development strategies, etc. 

---> A review of the methodology used by LANGA INTERNATIONAL to calculate the success rate of a portfolio of 433 power plants (7.5GWp) located throughout France, Italy, Spain, Mauritius and Colombia. 

---> An evaluation of the success rate of this portfolio. 

---> A review of LANGA INTERNATIONAL’s CapEx and OpEx assumptions.

With this information clearly presented in the audit, all parties were equipped to confidently move forward with the fundraising operation. 


LANGA INTERNATIONAL was particularly pleased with 3E’s ability to streamline the whole process while keeping the investors informed and confident.

 Gilles Lebreux, the company’s founder and CEO, stated:

“3E really came in and made the whole process as easy and as fast as possible. They knew exactly what information our investors needed to move forward with the process, and they delivered it comprehensively. We were very pleased to work with the 3E team and will approach them again for future projects.”

Our expertise, your success

At 3E, we have 25 years of experience in delivering technical, financial and strategic advisory services in the renewable energy sector. 

By taking advantage of our expertise and insights, you can make better decisions, and ultimately, achieve more success. Our expert services are applicable to projects at any location, and at any lifecycle stage.

For other examples of our work, you can find more project references and client testimonials at our resource page. Or if you request our capability statement via this contact form, we’ll be happy to send you a comprehensive overview of our past projects. 

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