pv magazine Webinar | Unlocking the power of advanced analytics: maximising value in multi-GW utility-scale solar portfolios

In the era of multi-GW portfolios, there is more solar plant data to analyse than ever before. Solar asset owners and manager's capable of cutting through the noise are already enjoying tangible benefits. Discover how a multi-GW IPP like ReNew is using 3E's advanced analytics and manage to significantly enhance plant performance and revenue through data-informed interventions. Get inspired by their use cases, and start your own success story!

Join us for a pv magazine Webinar that spotlights advanced analytics and explores how digital twin-based intelligent insights can enhance operational and maintenance performance in your solar plants and portfolios.

We will explore how you can manage diverse devices, configurations, and operating conditions at scale with Julien Deckx, Product Manager for SynaptiQ Solar Analytics at 3E. We will also discover how this intricate array of plant data can be transformed into clear and actionable decisions.  

Parul Agrawal, AVP of Digital Solutions at ReNew, will show how advanced analytics is employed to identify and address performance gaps and identify root causes. She will also demonstrate the implementation of targeted use cases to improve plant performance within their multi-GW solar portfolio, all while highlighting the revenue and efficiency improvement potential unleashed by these analytical insights.

The webinar content:

- Discover how advanced analytics creates value and learn how to substantiate it.

- Gain insights from ReNew, a pioneer in digitalisation, and understand the concrete benefits this multi-GW asset owner has enjoyed.

- Explore the advanced analytics application offered by 3E SynaptiQ.

- Unlock the potential of a physics-based performance model for pin pointing performance issues in finer detail.

Watch the recording now

Watch the recording of the webinar and gain unique insights into the practical applications of advanced analytics in solar asset performance management, along with the potential revenue benefits it can offer.

The speakers

Discussion participants

Parul Agrawal | AVP Digital Solutions | ReNew

Parul Agrawal is at the forefront of ReNew's digital transformation efforts. Along with her team,she is spearheading the organisation's preparations for the future, utilising data and technology to enhance efficiency and productivity within the company. Prior to her current role, Parul has accumulated over a decade of experience in the infrastructure sector.

Julien Deckx | Product Manager for SynaptiQ Solar Analytics | 3E

Julien built up his expertise in software product management and data science in the medical imaging analysis business for 10 years, before following his passion for renewables by joining 3E in 2020. Julien holds a MSc in Engineering at the University of Leuven.


Jonathan Gifford | Editor in chief | pv magazine
Matthew Lynas | Editor | pv magazine

Date and Time
October 4, 2023 11:00 AM
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