Maximising solar asset performance: a case study of Everday with SynaptiQ Asset Operations

Standardised & centralised monitoring
With SynaptiQ, we do no longer need to check different manufacturers' portals. All our data are centralised on one platform, which makes monitoring much more efficient.
Fast & easy insights
E’s analytics tools and dashboards directly provide us with the right graphs & visualisations, allowing us to rapidly come to a breakdown analysis.
Customised centralised monitoring dashboards
Our customers and ourselves can customise our views and dashboards, so that they we can meet both internal and external requirements at once.
Data server solution
Our raw data are stored in SynaptiQ. They are accessible at any time and remain ours.
Everday B.V.
Asset Type
PV rooftop & land
Portfolio Size
The Netherlands

The challenge

1. Lack of uniform and comprehensive assessment of solar assets performance

No standardized assessment solution integrating data from multiple sources leads to difficulties in monitoring and managing solar asset performance.

2. Hard to access raw data

Solar installers face challenges in accurately assessing and managing solar asset performance due to limited access to customer-owned raw solar asset data and ownership rights being with the customer instead of the manufacturer.

3. Inaccurate production estimates

We encountered difficulties in effectively monitoring and assessing solar asset performance due to the absence of an accurate and reliable method for calculating expected performance.

"SynaptiQ has been an incredible platform to us for over 5 years. It consistently provides quick fault analysis and follow-up. Its ability to create accurate dashboards has really helped in providing our customers with the insights they need. Choosing for SynaptiQ was one of the best decisions we made, and we are glad to have this digital solution."
- Karel Lamberts, Technical Asset Manager at Everday

The solution

We chose SynaptiQ because it is an open platform that fully empowers its users in their operations and decision-making. It works independently of the data communication solution, can integrate everything into the portal and is compatible with any hardware.

1. Greater control:

SynaptiQ Asset Operations provided greater control over solar system configuration, data communication lines and access to raw data on a server, enabling more effective analysis, operations and reporting.

2. In-depth insights:

SynaptiQ Asset Operations provided in-depth insights into the performance of solar assets, including standardized analyses and dashboard templates for quick insight and easy data visualisation and analysis.

3. Accurate energy production:

SynaptiQ also provided insight into onsite irradiation and expected energy production based on irradiation and system configuration, even without onsite irradiation measurement sources, allowing for more accurate energy production forecasts.

4. Comprehensive analysis for underperformance:

the digital twin tools allows for a comprehensive analysis of underperformance, and SynaptiQ provides deeper analysis when monitoring cannot immediately find the root cause for underperformance.

"As someone reponsible for operational monitoring, I can confidently say that SynaptiQ is incredibly user-friendly. It provides quick and valuable insights into any issues related to our solar asset performance."
- Ries van Kuijk, Solar Data & Engineering at Everday

Current application of SynaptiQ

- Improved monitoring and quick action:

with SynaptiQ Asset Operations, we monitor our assets from anywhere, and inverter failures can be quickly spotted and addressed, thanks to the Digital Twin.

- Efficient fault resolution:

Asset Operation task management feature automates intervention planning by creating automatic tasks when faults are detected, enabling field center coordinators and O&M managers to prepare and schedule onsite interventions.

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Why SynaptiQ

Satellite Database

Access to satellite database and Digital Twin for comprehensive analysis of solar asset performance.

Full Compatibility

Compatibility with all types of hardware for easy integration into the monitoring system.

Powerful API

Solutions for data servers and data availability for customised dashboarding through API.

Flexible UI

User-friendly UI with easy-to-use templates and analysis dashboards, as well as the option to create a customised customer portal.

Unleash your solar asset performance

Experience the full power of SynaptiQ


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